16 Jun   2019

Syria Trust for Development Football cup in Lattakia and Tartous

With the participation of 16 associations and companies, a football championship was launched in each of the governorates of Lattakia (Between the 10th and 26th of June 2019) and Tartus (Between the 10th and 26th of July 2019).

The championship adopted international rules and regulations but with some adjustments to suit the age group of the participants most of whom were non-athletes, and were the employees of associations and companies. The championship was supervised by the Referees’ Committee of the General Sports Federation to ensure transparency in the refereeing process.

.At the end of the championship, the prize was a two-night stay at Mountain Breeze Resort for the champions and a package of Ubbaha products for the runner-up.

».At the closing of the two championships, all participants were invited to lunch, where shields of appreciation were distributed to each of the participating teams. Individual awards were also granted to Top Scorer, Best Goalkeeper, and Fair Play.

The championship has achieved great sports and social results through introducing the institution, its role, and its entities; linking all the companies, associations, and organizations together; and strengthening communication among them.

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