The Second meeting of high steering committee for the Reconstruction of Old Aleppo.

02 Nov   2017
02 / 11 / 2017

Chaired by the minister of culture as a chairman of the committee, “the high steering committee” second meeting for reconstruction of old Aleppo was held on the first of November by presence of number of members, and representatives of UNDP in order to discuss the updates on old Aleppo restoration and the recent ongoing projects, the strategy and method that will be followed in the further stage. The meeting was a complementary to the national strategy and the stages of the rehabilitation of old Aleppo after the crisis which depending on the partnership between the government institutions, private sectors, civil society, and the international organizations which are interested in the international heritage. The strategy pursues to protect and rehabilitate the cultural heritage in the city as a valuable source of environmental, social and economically, by restore the old city and preserve the cultural heritage in various categories to ensure the revival old city of Aleppo and to ensure the maximum opportunities for sustainable economic development community.

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