First Lady Asma al-Assad visit the Prosthetics Centre in Hama

22 May   2019
22 / 05 / 2019


The Centre started receiving soldiers with amputation wounds last March. It is the fourth of its kind in Syria; opened after Damascus, Tartous and Lattakia centres in the framework of the strategic expansion plan of the program "Jarih Al-Watan" (The wounded of the homeland) on the geographic, medical, rehabilitative and follow up levels. The aim is to spare soldiers with amputation wounds efforts and troubles in order to enhance their mobility retrieval.

Ms. Asma al-Assad visited today the Prosthetics Centre in Hama after 3 months of its launching. During this period, more than 70 new prosthetics were fitted along with adjustment of prosthetic limbs for another group of wounded soldiers under the program from the different governorates of the central area.

The opening of the prosthetics Centre in Hama falls within the program plan to open 5 centres that cover geographic Syria, where in 2016 Hameesh Prosthetics Centre was developed and the first prosthetic limb was fitted utilizing modern technologies in October of the same year. In 2017, Tartous Centre was opened and it started the providing services on July 2018.

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