The development project for the 'Ain Al-Kroum' region is commencing with a focus on agriculture and resource investment as its key pillars.

01 Jun   2024
The development project for the
01 / 06 / 2024


Syria Trust for Development is spearheading a community workshop in the 'Ain Al-Kroum' area of Hama. Over 100 locals, alongside experts and representatives from both official and local institutions, are actively participating. The aim is to chart a course for the region's development, recognizing its significance as a vital agricultural hub within Hama, despite being ravaged by wildfires and earthquakes.

This workshop marks a pivotal moment in the overarching 'Community Development' strategy. It begins with a comprehensive assessment of the region's identity to ensure all stakeholders have a shared understanding. Subsequently, through collaborative workgroups, participants will delineate developmental objectives, activities, timelines, and the roles of participating institutions.

With a collective vision for sustainable growth, participants aspire to transform 'Ain Al-Kroum' into a model agricultural zone. Drawing on the expertise of Syria Trust for Development, akin to other agricultural economies, they seek to leverage the region's abundant resources while preserving its unique identity. This holistic approach aims not only to revitalize the community but also to propel it towards sustainable development objectives, thus reinstating its vitality.