National School Debate begins ... and these are the conditions

09 Oct   2018
09 / 10 / 2018

For the second year the National School Debate Championship NSDC for 2018/2019 was launched in collaboration between Distinction And Creativity Commission and Syria Trust for Development The Debate programme provides the individuals with the dialogue skills that relying on proving the ideas that each team adopted by using all the convincing methods such as dialogue plan, references, statistics, etc in order to enhance the parties opinions. Because the Debate for youth can reinforce their ability for building and organizing their thoughts, analysis skills, and research. As well as, their ability in providing the better reasoning, and using the logic that gives the students the opportunity to participate in the championship in all the Governorates according to the following conditions,

- The student should be registered in the secondary school at one of the secondary schools that existed in the list that has been agreed on by the Distinction And Creativity Commission where the participant should be interested in developing his/her school debate skills
- The participant should have the ability for the analytical thinking, following the self-learning and research methods, and integration in Training sessions in order to make the national teams qualified enough for the upcoming stages.
- The participant must have the Basic English language that makes him qualified to engage in the development of his language skills and subsequently invest in debates. - The student should have the skill of speech? fluency and the ability to improvise in conversation.
- Ability to travel outside the country.

The student who is registered in one of the schools that mentioned in the attachment should apply to the school’s principle including their personal and study information until 18/10/2018

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