Agreement of Scientific and Cultural Cooperation between the Universities of Al-Kalamoun and Al-Manara

15 Oct   2017
15 / 10 / 2017

The University of Al-Kalamoun and Al-Manara had signing an agreement Scientific and Cultural Cooperation in fields of education and training and Academic exchanges and the development of cooperation and dissemination of knowledge, On Wednesday, 11 October, the Chief of the University of Kalamoun, Professor Nabil Al-Batal, and the Chief of Al-Manara University, Dr. Mohammad Maher Al-Mujtahd, met with facilities from both universities, The agreement provides for the cooperation of the two universities in several fields such as research and scientific activity, establishing shared training courses and facilitating participation in several activities (sports, art, social and cultural) in both universities. It was agreed to exchange visits between the two universities by representatives, teaching staff and students. It was agreed to cooperate in the field of information, exchange of experiences and quality assurance.

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