More than 22 thousand Legal response provided to the people of the eastern Ghouta.

14 Apr   2018
14 / 04 / 2018

All humanitarian organizations have contributed to the needs of the people of the eastern Ghouta coming in large numbers as a result of the current situation. Due to their urgent need for all kinds of support, Legal First Responders team, which includes more than 60 lawyers from various Syrian governorates, directed their support to the legal services in the following centers: Akram Abu El-Nasr School).from the core belief that they should be legally supported and socially empowered and at this stage and make them in their right position. The first phase was a survey, through the provision of consultation to people, classified by type of service and the type of intervention, which reached 22198 consultations. Followed by the intervention phase. Cooperation and coordination were carried out with the Ministry of the Interior and the Civil Status Department, with a number of its staff members to support the response team of the Syria Trust for Development. The number of interventions was 25,488 administrative interventions and 7406 judicial interventions, ranging from the issuance of 13486 IDs (for the first time - damaged), based on the great need that was monitored and advised, as most of the residents of the shelters are young people who reached the age of fourteen during their stay in Ghouta have not been able to access any of the State Departments to obtain their identities. In addition to 7350, 3629 Family Papers, 2267 death documentation and a number of other legal services that are still being offered at the centers until this moment.

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