10,000 SYP

To preserve dignity of an individual by helping him/her to issue an identification card

100,000 SYP

To help a university student to get an opportunity in training and developing his/her skills to link him/ her to the job market

500,000 SYP

To contribute in documenting and preserving one of the elements of the intangible Syrian Heritage

1,000,000 SYP

to contribute in starting a small economic enterprise to help a war injured person to built his/her self-esteem, dignity and economic independence

5,000,000 SYP

To contribute in funding a community initiative to improve the services situation for affected local communities

10,000,000 SYP

To help a child get back his/her hearing and speaking ability by Cochlear implants

Donate to Contribute with us in making a difference and a positive change in the lives of individuals and communities in Syria, you may donate to our bank account :

Account Name Syria Trust for Development
Bank Name Byblos Bank Syria - Mazzeh Branch
Account Number 2050/262888/004
If you have any questions about donating please contact us at Quick communication Page