Cultural Identity

Syria’s cultural identity is rich, profound and historic and the Trust is committed to safeguarding and enriching it for future generations. Specifically, the Trust is involved in the commissioning and oversight of restoration work on the nation’s landmark heritage sites, safeguarding and renewing intangible heritage, and regenerating and invigorating artisan arts, crafts and delicacies. Central to our commitment is the recognition that culture can have a positive impact well beyond preservation by acting as a catalyst for economic opportunity and social revitalisation.

Reviving intangible heritage

Our programmes document and revive cultural heritage at risk including the intangibles of custom, language, tradition and performance, as much as, tangible artefacts. Activities include documenting the centuries old processes of making soap, printing textile patterns, weaving silk and producing delicacies. Our commitment also involves recreating old practices to inspire new forms; in other words, to breathe new life into old traditions.

Revitalising national landmarks

Our programmes emphasise the restoration of historical landmarks and areas to their authentic origins. Apart from the specialist restoration work, activities also focus on rejuvenating the surrounding urban fabric in order to maximise opportunities for sustainable economic development. This can mean restoring the appearance of a historic market, enhancing its commercial function, and encouraging suitable creative industries.