Jarih Al-Watan


To provide injured soldiers the best chance of a fulfilled life by offering them the dignified care and rehabilitation they need

The program was conceived to provide care to the soldiers that have given so much. It is multifaceted and requires partnership as much as it entails singular initiative; the onus is on doing everything necessary to ensure soldiers can lead a dignified life. Rehabilitation programs address a range of different injuries including the loss of sight and hearing, disfigurement, the loss of limbs or paralysis. Home care programs provide psychosocial reinforcement and physiotherapy support to strengthen mobility and physical independence. Dedicated trainers also provide academic and vocational training, as well as opportunities to engage in sporting and cultural activities, as part of a wider program to reintegrate soldiers into normal daily life. In parallel to these day-to-day activities, intense efforts are also under way to upgrade the capabilities of 3 prosthetic centres and improve the training resources available to rehabilitation care professionals.

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