Early Recovery Response


To provide families at risk with essential and dignified humanitarian relief to assist in their recovery during and after crisis

Since the outbreak of the crisis in 2011, the provision of Non-Food Items and shelter alternatives have assisted displaced families and host communities in strengthening their coping mechanisms during war. Situational analyses are conducted in all intervention areas to establish basic population figures and specific needs. The Trust coordinates with local actors on the ground, where necessary commodities are distributed in a coordinated, fair and organized manner from set locations within target areas, or from within the Trust’s community centres. Staff and volunteers work directly with internally displaced people who are afforded the necessary support to protect their health and wellbeing while away from home. Hard-to-reach areas are especially targeted and extended with life-saving humanitarian assistance, taking into account local community dynamics and physical context. In 2016, the Trust distributed 1.5 million blankets and 60 tons of winter clothing, as well as secured temporary housing for 3540 persons.

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