Syrian Handicrafts


To breathe new life into Syrian handicrafts and strengthen the prospects of its artisans

Syrian Handicrafts produces, markets and distributes crafts that are symbolic of Syria’s cultural heritage. It produces a range of hand-made artisanal soaps, handloom furnishings, fine delicacies, traditional fabrics and glass blown household utensils. Its designs vary from the traditional to the more contemporary depending on the preferences of the different local and international clientele that it serves. As a social enterprise, Syrian Handicrafts draws on the talents of fine artisans whose crafts have been passed down to them over many generations. It also trains young newcomers to develop the skills and know-how to ensure that new blood is injected into the industry. By positioning these handicrafts in new markets, the company has generated sufficient sales volumes to prevent 112 artisans from abandoning their craft in search of income generating opportunities. In 2016, Syrian Handicrafts generated revenues totalling 103m Syrian Pounds.

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