To partner with people who want to build-up and bring positive change to their communities

Community Centres are where all the Trust’s activities intersect for the benefit of the communities we serve. In practice, no two centres are exactly the same: the specific local needs and circumstances determine exactly what services and activities each offers. Beneficiaries bring commitment, enthusiasm and belief in their potential; the community centres provide training resources, professional advice, expert knowledge and support. Together, they build new skills, brighter prospects, stronger communities and a better future. We encourage every community to take active “ownership” of its Centre and the development process that it is creating for itself. Activities range from vocational training programs, remedial after school classes and homework cafes to counselling\/advisory walk-in clinics and microcredit workshops. In 2016, the Community Centres program supported 331,000 beneficiaries across 15 centres in 6 governorates.

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